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Veneto Clinic case Study
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Veneto Clinic, a trusted dental partner in Dubai Healthcare City, offers quality treatments like Teeth Whitening, Pediatric Dentistry, and more since 2019. With a focus on personalized care and advanced technology, we ensure remarkable results while preserving dental health.



Increase in Conversions


Appointment Booked


Reduction in Overall CPL

The Goal;

The Veneto Clinic team requested our assistance in reaching their targeted audience through a collaborative advertising strategy. They wanted us to create online awareness about their clinic via social media, generate leads through Google Ads and Facebook, and facilitate more appointments booked through our Digital marketing services.

Our Approach;

Launching multiple ads, we directed users to Veneto Clinic’s dental treatment pages via top-funnel search ads. Facebook ads led users to pre-filled forms or Messenger. Display and Video ads on Google and Facebook aimed for Messages objective. Additionally, a Page Like ad garnered 800+ likes. Resulting leads mainly comprised healthcare treatment enthusiasts, achieved through targeted ad tailoring specifying country, age group, interests, and budget.

Veneto-Clinic-AD Copies

Veneto Clinic AD COPIES

Lead Results Through Facebook Ads;

For Avenew, we initiated Google Search and Display campaigns using a range of carefully chosen keywords and display networks. Our approach involved utilizing both broad and exact match keywords, along with modified combinations to attract targeted property buyers in the specific geographical location. We also crafted compelling ad copy, making the most of Google Search Ads features like audience targeting and extensions. Throughout the process, we continuously analyzed the results, refining lead quality by identifying and removing negative keywords and enhancing our ad copy.


Our main objective was to direct users who watched our ad on Google Search or in the display networks to a dedicated landing page, in addition to regular property buyers or investors. By following these strategies, we successfully generated over 50 Pre Qualified Leads. Additionally, we made efforts to improve the cost per conversion as we progressed.




Customers likely to purchase property within a month


increase in Lead Quantity


Pre Qualified Leads