Wrench Case Study

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Brand Over View

Wrench is designed for the mutual benefit of customers and mechanics, promoting a shared economy to save on auto repairs and maintenance. Our efficient, user-friendly platform provides mobile auto repairs and maintenance at your convenience, bringing certified mechanics to your door. We eliminate the stress of car ownership by saving you time and ensuring quality service. Our leadership team leverages technology to solve common automotive problems, making Wrench the go-to solution for hassle-free vehicle care.


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The Problem;

In a highly competitive market, Wrench aims to promote their services to car owners and frequent travelers who drive between cities. They want their Mobile Mechanics Availability services to go viral, targeting the entire market despite the strong competition. To achieve this, we analyze user behaviors, conduct competitor research, identify their weaknesses, and incorporate these insights into our advertising strategy to effectively promote Wrench’s Mobile Mechanics services.

What We Do to Achieve Results ;

Firstly, we audited the entire website, updated graphics, and prominently displayed the brand’s USP on the homepage. We added a “Get Quote” button to track daily user engagement. Next, we created a landing page showcasing all services on a single page and displayed testimonials on the homepage. After these updates, we started advertising to match the client’s exact requirements.

The Results;

The results we achieved started from day one, focusing on competitors and creating creatives that emphasize the brand’s USP and highlight the benefits of hiring Wrench as a Mobile Mechanic. As a result, we generated 8 leads per week, saw high-volume keywords begin to rank organically, and boosted the brand’s presence in the local market.