MotoTrax Case Study

Brand Over View

MotoTrax, under the leadership of Montana native JP Stanek, is committed to delivering an exceptional snow-bike experience. JP’s passion for motocross and extensive background in outdoor recreation and mechanical engineering have fueled significant advancements in MotoTrax designs. After a successful career managing Great Divide Ski Area, JP and his wife Courtney relocated to Spokane in 2021 to take over MotoTrax. With a focus on durability and performance, JP has improved key structural aspects of the kits, ensuring they withstand harsh conditions. MotoTrax is dedicated to innovating and enhancing snow-bike adventures for enthusiasts worldwide.


First Page Rankings


Leads Generated


Engaged Audience

Client Goal;

Moto Trax, a snow bike company, had niche products for a specific audience. Although the company was established in 2015 still they struggled with reaching the right audience, building their brand and increasing their sales. In order to achieve the goals, we developed a Marketing plan for them and performed the following services for them:

  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Website Development

SEO, Website, & PPC Results;

78 First-Page Rankings

In just 5 months, we achieved 78 first-page Google rankings for Moto Trax. This resulted in over 77,000 new clicks to their website and $96,664.98 in revenue.

SEO is the process of making your website rank at the top of the organic Google search results page.That is when somebody types in a keyword or search term that’s relevant to your business, then the site that is search engine optimized the best for that keyword will be the first organic listing.
SEO is usually a long-term approach, sometimes taking 12 months or more to see first page results.

So the major key to achieving these results so fast was their site’s age and history.

Our client had already established some web authority over 5 years but was doing SEO wrong.

Our team was able to successfully come in to:

  • Restructure their website,
  • Develop a strategy that included on and off-page optimization, and
  • Drive top search results.

Social Media Marketing Results;

Now as for the social media service we provided for Mototrax, it’s important to note that you can still target a specific cold

Audience on social media. But, it’s not guaranteed that they’re actively searching for or in need of your product right then and there when you deliver the ad to them.

So we developed a 3 stage funnel for their sales campaign. First, focusing on getting more and more reach so people get to know the brand and explore the products. Second, focusing on sales and showing more and more products so directly interested audience can purchase thus narrowing down the potential buyers and converting them. Third one was to target the window shoppers, colder audience who visited the website just to explore but either didn’t buy or left the cart due to some reason.

So on that note, let’s look at the social media marketing we did for them to see what worked.

We drove over 49,000 Facebook page likes, over 205 thousand video views, and 1,718 leads at $2.00 per lead from social ads.

So how did we do this and what made it work?

Well to answer the first question, we used specific objective-oriented ad campaigns to fuel their marketing funnel.We ran a page-like ad campaign that drove Facebook page likes at $0.19 per like – that’s less than a quarter per like! We ran a video views campaign that drove over 205K video views at $.001 per video


Facebook Quality Leads Costing;


By thoroughly researching industry data and obtaining comprehensive information about Mototrax, we ran multiple campaigns targeting new customers, resulting in the delivery of better leads that were more cost-efficient and scalable.

Client Return On Investment

The client achieved a significant return on investment by generating high-quality leads at a considerably lower cost compared to their previous expenses. Furthermore, they effectively converted a higher percentage of these leads into paying customers, resulting in a notable boost in their revenue. This Facebook Ads and AdWords campaign targeting the interested audience yielded an impressive Return on Ad Spend (RoAS) of over 10 times the initial advertising expenditure.


First Page Rankings


Video Views


Qualified Leads Delivered


Engaged Audience